Step 1- identify the problem, form a team, write and aim statement

On 28 April, the Quality of Care Network organised a webinar on 'Point of care quality improvement, step1: Identify the problem, build a team, write an aim statement'.

Blerta MALIQI presented the organisation's quality of care framework and the Quality of Care Network.

Ashok Deorari introduced the participants to how they can review data and identify problems, how they can prioritize which problem to work on, how to form a team to work on that problem and finally how to write a clear aim statement, and had input from Meena Joshi, Nurse Educator, Quality Improvement Leader NICU at AIIMS.

This is the second webinar in a series on point of care quality improvement for maternal and newborn health.

(Photo: A pregnant woman receives a tetanus vaccination from enrolled community health nurse Rose Mwang'ombe Keghn at the maternal and child health ward at the referral hospital, Garissa Provincial Hospital (GPH), Kenya in MArch 2011.  ¬©UNICEF/Nesbitt)

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  • speakers
    Blerta Maliqi, Senior Health Systems Specialist at the World Health Organisation Ashok Deorari MD, Professor, Department of Pediatrics, WHO Collaborating Centre for Newborn Training and Research, All India Institute of Medical Sciences (AIIMS), New Delhi