Quality of Care Network 2 years on: countries renew their commitment to halve maternal and newborn deaths by 2022, and Kenya joins

Added on : 29 March 2019

By: Quality of Care Network secretariat

The Network for Improving Quality of Care for Maternal, Newborn and Child Health (Quality of Care Network) held its 2nd meeting on Demonstrating accountability and learning from implementation on March 12-14, 2019, in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia. During the three-day event, Kenya joined the Quality of Care Network, thereby becoming the 11th country[1] leading the Network and committing to making rapid progress in improving quality of care. 

Two years after the launch of the Network, the meeting brought together twenty-two countries, national, regional and global partners, development organisations, NGOs, private sector, professional associations, academia and research institutions to share progress, learn from experiences in developing quality of care programmes, and inform the future directions of the Network.

In a statement, the participants in the meeting reaffirmed their commitment to the goals of the Quality of Care Network to halve maternal and newborn deaths and stillbirths and improve the experience of care in participating facilities by 2022.  They committed to continue to work under government leadership and in collaboration and coordination with key stakeholders to implement the national strategies and plans for improving quality in maternal, newborn and child health services, including adolescents.  

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[1] The countries are: Bangladesh, Côte d’Ivoire, Ethiopia, Ghana, India, Kenya, Malawi, Nigeria, Sierra Leone, the United Republic of Tanzania and Uganda.