Launch of the Every Newborn INDEPTH and BIRTH studies results

Added on : 9 December 2020

By: Quality of Care Network Secretariat

Save the dates:

  • Every Newborn-INDEPTH supplement launch event: Thursday December 10, noon to 2 pm GMT
  • Every Newborn-BIRTH supplement launch event: Tuesday December 15, noon to 2pm GMT

Every Newborn-INDEPTH study results:

Join the launch of a series of 12 papers from the study in BMC Population Health Metrics, mainly with first authors from the sites and/or Makerere University.

Each year there are 5.1 million neonatal deaths and stillbirths, plus about 300,000 maternal deaths worldwide. Around 75% of these deaths are still dependent on surveys, notably Demographic and Health Surveys (DHS) and Multiple Indicator Cluster Surveys (MICS), as main data sources.
The Every Newborn-INDEPTH study involved >68,000 births and aimed to provide evidence to improve population-based survey data regarding pregnancy outcome.

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Every Newborn-BIRTH study results:

Join the interactive launch of a series of papers in BMC Pregnancy and Childbirth, involving multiple authors mainly from low and middle-income countries, in partnership with LSHTM. 

EN-BIRTH study involved observing >23,000 births using an innovative tablet-based system to validate data from routine facility registers and women’s survey report.  The study was conducted in five hospitals in Bangladesh, Nepal and Tanzania, coordinated by a team at LSHTM and funded by the Children’s Investment Fund Foundation (CIFF).

These results have important implications for measuring progress for the Sustainable Development Goals, especially related to Every Newborn targets, to reduce ~5.4 million stillbirths, newborn and maternal deaths. Findings have practical relevance for improving measurement of coverage and quality of maternal and newborn care in routine facility registers and in population-based surveys.

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