Implementation Research

Implementation Research Toolkit

  • Language English
  • Published
  • Organization WHO, UNICEF/UNDP/World Bank

This toolkit is designed to strengthen Implementation research (IR) capacities of individuals and institutions in low- and middle-income countries. It focuses on demand-driven research questions based on needs identified with relevant stakeholders/implementers in the health system, as IR is conducted within routine systems and real life settings. It covers the processes involved in IR highlighting the central paradigm of stakeholders engagement in identifying issues, formulating appropriate research questions, team work in project design, data collection and analysis, monitoring and evaluation of the project as well as feedback and uptake of the findings in the system. This 10.5-days workshop is intended for health care service providers, programme managers, researchers, decision-makers, finance and administration officers, media, students, civil society organizations and NGOs. This guide provides essential information to the organizers and facilitators to plan and implement a workshop. It includes information on planning and preparing for the workshop, and an overview of the teaching and learning methods used.

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