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Menderin Girma, 25, Helath Extension worker at Wogiti Dera Health Post in Aleltu Woreda, 50 km North East of Addis Ababa, in Oromia region of Ethiopia, in Januaru 2013. © UNICEF/Ose

In Ethiopia, the Federal Ministry of Health created in 2012  a network of hospitals which is Read more

A pregnant woman has her blood pressure measured by a healthcare professional during an antenatal consultation at the health centre in the village of Preak Krabao, Kang Meas District, Cambodia, in June 2015. ©UNICEF/Pirozzi


Tuesday 27 February, 2018 at 9am GMT, 10 am CET, noon EAT, 2:30pm IST and 4:00 pm ICT  ( Read more